28 January 2008

What is it like?

The candle I made
I made this candle on my holidays and I had to take string (you can see it here). I had to dip it in the wax. First I put it in for one minute. Then I took it out and held it up for four minutes; you have to let it dry before you put the next layer of wax on. I let it get this fat...
It was greyish blackish but I put yellow powder in to colour it.
Then I had to let it get hard. I put it out of the window.
I put it on a wooden table and I twisted it.

What is it like?
First it was sort of soft. Then it got hard and a bit brittle.

26 January 2008


We made a rocket and it has stands and boosters and also it has a way that they can get out. Two of the boosters are made out of plastic straws and the big booster is made out of a plastic cup and the stands are made out of plastic yoghurt pots.

‘Well I like the way you put the boosters on,’ said Rekik.